Globally, over 65 million people are connected to the world wide web. They access the power and interactivity of the internet primarily for the acquisition of vital or entertainment related information. As the use of this communication medium continues to increase, so will opportunities.

Already, in its infancy, the internet access and delivery battlefield is so crowded that only telecommunication giants such as AT&T, Sprint and MCI can afford to wage the war. As the struggle for delivery supremacy continues, one arena can be identified as the land of opportunity, and that is content creation. Since the beginning of the internet, one fact has remained true – content is king.

The world wide web is now the single most visited destination for information on the earth. The importance of internet content can’t be ignored when companies like Microsoft are investing over $2 BILLION in internet digital content R&D; and MSNBC is to spend over $250 MILLION on internet content development. The future of the internet is being bought and sold today, and its currency is content.

Because of the evolution of this new technology and its popular acceptance, a new term has emerged in our lexicon – digital edutainment. This new hybrid has its roots in scientific investigation and its limbs on the joy stick. Successful internet content creators must be able to bridge the gap between the scientific white paper and the video game mentalities.

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